What is Death To The Office?

Remote work is the new normal. We can work from anywhere. Relocating completely or investing in second homes outside of cities has never been more accessible.

Death To The Office exists to help you find where to live and invest in. We curate a directory of rural, mountain and coastal locations that help you escape the city and reconnect with nature. We look for forward-thinking municipalities that prioritize health & wellbeing, whilst supporting remote work via technological infrastructure.

The locations in our directory pass the "sniff test" for wellbeing and escaping the stresses associated with city life. Today, it's easier than ever to work from anywhere.

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Our Mission: Why We're Here

Remote work is revolutionizing how we work and our ability to increase our quality of life. Workers now have more freedom, autonomy and flexibility to decide where to live and work from. Death To The Office’s mission is to promote greater quality of life for anyone who has the ability to work remotely. We exist to help remote workers live their best life in the place they are happiest.

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